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Yay, first blog post! Happy you made it :) Read on for an official welcome to my blog and more information on what's to come. Spread the love: Comment and share.

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Have a busy schedule? Feel stressed? Overwhelmed with life? Here's my how to guide for getting through your busy days. You're not alone :) We can do this together.

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Jaclyn and I are PUMPED to announce #JacandKens30DayVeganDetox. This is something we’ve been talking about for awhile so we are really excited to put it into play! You can follow our journey here and on our social media pages (Instagram: @jackattackkk and @kennedytaylors). The challenge will start Monday, March 19th and will go until Tuesday, April 17th.



I don't know about you but my watch is my BEST and favorite accessory. It allows me to look professional, sleek, stylish, and still know when it's time for my lunch break. Wood Watches by Jord bring the convenience of a regular watch with the professionalism of real wood, putting your look ahead of the crowd in a class and new way. And good news! I'm doing a giveaway...


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I am so excited to introduce MatchBack.Org to you all. It is such an awesome and innovative organization! MatchBack works to help donate clothing to underprivileged youth through their Teens-In-Need Network. This network currently includes "charitable mentoring organizations, foster care service providers, group homes, school administration, coaches, counselors, case managers, social workers, U.S. Military Officer organizations, Police/Sheriff departments, and other nonprofit children’s charities." The best part about this is that they're looking to expand. If there's a youth organization you think could benefit you could always recommend one on their website!

How it works:

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The 100 Club

Pure Barre KennedysSide.com

After lots of shaking, early mornings, and pushing myself to my limit, I finally took my 100th class at my local Pure Barre studio! And what's even better than that? I was lucky enough to take it alongside my regular clients and two of my amazing friends and squad sisters  <3. That definitely made it a memory I won't ever forget! 

Pure Barre KennedysSide.com

Realistically, I should've joined the 100 club some time ago! But at times, life made it a little more difficult than need be. For one, I started teaching barre classes which meant I could no longer workout at the times I am now teaching. Two: barre is not my only method of working out so often after hard workouts with some of my other commitments, I was way too tired to get up and take barre that same day or the next. Three: when you take classes at other barre studios, they don't count towards your total number of home studio classes (and I do take class at other studios). And four: four months in the year, I live in a completely different state. 

Great-now that my excuses are out there, let me explain why I'm not going to let any of them get in my way anymore.

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Ask Kennedy

 Photo by Rondel Charles: rondelcharles.com

Photo by Rondel Charles: rondelcharles.com

Happy Sunday friends!

As you may have seen on Instagram and Facebook, I decided to do an "Ask Kennedy" post so you could get to know me a little bit more. I thought it would be an awesome chance for me to answer any questions you may have about my life, my fitness routine, or anything your heart desired. Thank you to all who participated :) Here it goes!

What's your blogging niche?

My "niche" is definitely lifestyle. My life has many different sides and I love to share all aspects on my blog. Fashion, fitness, health, food, and fun are all things I'd like to share!



Green Pig Bistro KennedysSide.com

If you live near Arlington, VA and you haven't been to Green Pig Bistro, visiting ASAP is definitely a must. Located in Clarendon, this super cute restaurant is perfect for your brunch and dinner needs with the girls or a hot date. I happened to bring my hot date (Blair) and we had the best time!

For one, the restaurant itself makes you feel at home. When you add the staff, you have the perfect environment for ultimate hospitality. The lighting really sets the mood here & the décor shapes the way for this modern restaurant.

So yes...we ate A LOT. LOL. But Green Pig has so many options that of course you want to try as many as possible! Here's what I thought:

The House Made Ginger Brew was by far the most refreshing ginger drink I've ever had. I take a ginger shot once a day for digestion and to keep my immune system strong. Even though I consistently take them, the shots are the furthest thing from tasty. This drink is the opposite. It brings the health benefits of ginger in a sensational and new way.


Amari Active

Loving my cute new activewear from Amari Active! Street or gym? Either works for the cute brand. Shop this look: https://www.amariactive.com

Amari Active KennedysSide.com
Amari Active KennedysSide.com
Amari Active KennedysSide.com

Thinking about trying TeamiBlends? Use my code KTAYLOR for 28% off! https://www.teamiblends.com

New Year KennedysSide.com

2017 is quickly coming to an end which means it's time to take a moment to reflect on the year as a whole and decide what you want to take into 2018. AKA..."New year, new me." I love this time of year because you get the power to decide on your future & who/what you want to bring to it. For me, this year has been incredible in so many ways. From the people I've met, the places I've traveled, and the experiences I've had, this year will definitely be one I'll always remember. I used this year to focus on myself and my PGG (personal growth goals) and wouldn't change a single thing.


  1. Go for it. This new attitude is to thank for stepping foot in 9 new countries this year.

  2. Lay those edges.

  3. If you don't like it, say something. Or leave.

  4. Don't settle for less.

  5. Support your girls. The whole squad eats.

  6. Lay off the sugar.

  7. Kill them with kindness.

  8. It's your life- do whatever you want with it.

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