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Hey loves!

I am here today to tell you about my latest OBSESSION. Most of you have probably seen me in a few different staple watches to go with my outfits for work or play. But only recently did I start wearing wood watches. I know what you’re thinking- “WOOD?” But yes, wood. I fell in love with JORD Wood Watches and am honestly not sure if I could ever go back. There’s something so simple and elegant about them that they instantly make outfits more professional and stylish.

New to JORD? Jord (pronounced Yode) is based in St. Louis, where they’re constantly developing new designs. The watches are are a sophisticated mix of natural, and largely re-claimed materials, combined with quality movements and components. Their style is unique, bringing attention to all who see!


While they have so many different options, I chose the “Fieldcrest Maple” Watch. Reminding me of the “warm and sunny days” as it says online, the watch brings a spring of warmth to the dry and dreary winter. I absolutely adore it. I have tiny wrists so I appreciate that each watch can be perfectly sized for you. They also have other ways to customize and make your watch yours! Mine is not engraved but they do have the option to engrave the backplate, making it a perfect gift for a family member or significant other!


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Every watch comes with a ONE YEAR WARRANTY and the ability to return/exchange as you see fit. That means full time protection in addition to FREE Standard Shipping worldwide!

And guess what? You could win your very own. I’m hosting a giveaway so you can win $100 towards your very own JORD watch! The winner will be emailed a month after the contest has concluded, provided all requirements have been met. Even if you don’t win the big price, just by entering you’ll receive a surprise discount code :)

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JORD Watch

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Women's Watch for the Leading Lady


I don't know about you but my watch is my BEST and favorite accessory. It allows me to look professional, sleek, stylish, and still know when it's time for my lunch break. Wood Watches by Jord bring the convenience of a regular watch with the professionalism of real wood, putting your look ahead of the crowd in a class and new way. And good news! I'm doing a giveaway so you can have one of your own one-in-a-million watch! If you're a leading lady like me, click the giveaway link and win your chance to strut to work/play in style! 25 entries to win by March 11th!

Homepage: http://www.woodwatches.com/#kennedysside

Your Watch: http://www.woodwatches.com/series/cassia/zebra-and-ivory/#kennedysside

Giveaway link: https://www.woodwatches.com/g/kennedysside




I am so excited to introduce MatchBack.Org to you all. It is such an awesome and innovative organization! MatchBack works to help donate clothing to underprivileged youth through their Teens-In-Need Network. This network currently includes "charitable mentoring organizations, foster care service providers, group homes, school administration, coaches, counselors, case managers, social workers, U.S. Military Officer organizations, Police/Sheriff departments, and other nonprofit children’s charities." The best part about this is that they're looking to expand. If there's a youth organization you think could benefit you could always recommend one on their website!

How it works:

Every month, you have the opportunity to buy a bundle and in return MatchBack will donate a bundle to a teen in need. For this past month, MatchBack partnered with D.A.R.E. and had a themed bundle with a sweatshirt that read "Dare to keep kids off drugs." I thought this was a great and bold way for teens to share and adapt a positive message in a stylish way.


Every month is different, of course, and this month features the phrase "We the People." For your bundle, visit matchback.org and if you choose to subscribe you'll receive MatchBack's signature bundle featuring gear with its motto: "Look good. Feel good. Do good."

Have questions? Comment below! 




When You Miss Summer...

Chic Leather Jacket www.KennedysSide.com


Bag: Sharif Couture Cross-body Bag (Evine)

Jacket: Forever 21

Jeans: True Religion

Boots: Steve Madden

Hey guys! I secretly despise the coming of winter and always look for ways to add a bit of a summer-y zest to my looks. This bag by Sharif Couture definitely does the trick by combining your classic leather bag with a warm, yellow color. Sure to add a bit of summer to any outfit- Gotta love Evine :) The jacket is also one of my favorites from Forever 21 for that chic-edgy look.