Recap: #JacandKens30DayVeganDetox


Hey guys!

I waited quite some time to give feedback about #JacandKens30DayVeganDetox because I wanted to be absolutely sure about my experience and next steps. Overall, I LOVED it. I loved learning more about my body and what products could fulfill it to leave me satisfied. I learned to make better choices that I still make now and experimenting with food I've never tried before was probably the most fun part. 

I absolutely loved the 30 day challenge. It was a lot easier than I anticipated and had me feeling more naturally energized throughout the day. I am going to consider adding wild-caught seafood back into my diet for the health benefits, but surprisingly, I don’t miss meat or dairy! I feel much better without them. I challenge everyone to try a vegan diet - not only to cleanse your system, but to have a better grasp on how individual foods affect your body and mood.
— Jaclyn

Trying this with Jaclyn made it so much easier for me! We constantly motivated each other and shared recipes daily that we thought could benefit each other. Without her, I'm not sure if I would've made it the full 30 days so big thanks to Jac! We also had an amazing group of women join us on the challenge who tried new things for the sake of their health and the chance to learn more :) Really happy we got to work with those beautiful ladies!

I learned so much about being Vegan and I lost 5 lbs. I don’t think I will transition, but I definitely plan to continue cutting back on meat. I picked up some really great habits and healthy food options. I will continue everything I adopted over the last few months now
— A.


The first thing I noticed when becoming a vegan was a DRAMATIC boost in energy. With the combination of my diet and drinking more water, I felt less fatigued throughout the day and found that I was taking on tasks with more positivity. My attitude completely changed. I went the whole 30 days without coffee and that says a lot for me LOL.


Despite my attempts to avoid animal products at all costs, there were times when I'd order something without cheese and/or butter and of course, it was still there. I would notice when I'd take a bite and taste something disgusting. Dairy products that I previously loved began to make me gag at and even made me sick if I went as far as actually eating it. The first time this happened was just 2 weeks after the challenge started which I thought was insane! I didn't realize how quickly my body would adjust.


As much as I hate to admit it, a main reason I was excited about doing this was how I expected it to change my skin. My vegan friends, and even vegans online, constantly rave about how a the diet can completely transform skin: diminishing breakouts and improving skin tone. I've seen it with my own eyes and truly believe that it's possible! the 30 days went on, my skin got worse and worse! I was confused but understood that everyone's skin is different and my time to shine was coming. I did the challenge with Jaclyn (who's skin was already amazing BTW) and noticed an improvement in her from our first day to our last. It wasn't until I went to the doctor last week that I discovered what happened. I found out that I'm allergic to soy. Yes soy, meaning the endless tofu, meat alternatives, soy protein, soy milk, edamame, soy sauce, tempeh, etc. was causing an allergic reaction shown on my FACE. Way to go Ken lol. So although I missed out on the amazing skin benefits the vegan diet can give, I'm so happy I know now that I'm allergic to soy.

After Life

I toyed with the idea for awhile but actually decided not to continue being a vegan. I whole-heartedly want to but until I can create a diet that fits my needs and does not have soy, it's going to be very difficult for me. Suggestions welcome! In the near future, I definitely would like to be a vegan. For now, I am still cutting out meat where I can and avoiding dairy for the most part but I am not 100% committed until I'm ready. 

Thinking about trying it and need some tips? Let me know!