#NewYearStrong with 421 Reset

421 Reset

Hey amigos,

You know I LOVE doing challenges with my local barre studio! They’re always a fun and motivating way to push yourself while supporting those around you! This one is no different. Held now at many Pure Barre studios, the #NewYearStrong Challenge includes a regimen by 421 Reset to improve your physical and nutritional health. Why is it called 421 you ask? Because of their 4-2-1 approach to a better you.

  1. Exercise Routine: 4 resistance workouts, 2 cardio, and 1 active workout a week to burn fat and gain lean muscle

  2. Fuel/food: consuming meals that contain 4 parts veggies & fruit, 2 parts lean protein, and 1 part wholesome carbs!

While I do mix up my workouts and stay active, I will say my “fuel” needs some work. I’ve been off and on for awhile and I’m ready to kick my cravings to the curb and change the way I eat for good. The challenge includes eliminating gluten, refined sugars, alcohol, and processed foods while limiting dairy. This is a big commitment but I think this challenge is exactly what I need to get myself on track. Did I mention it’s 8 weeks? Lucky for us, it only takes 21 days to make something a habit!

I’ll be completing my workouts at my local Pure Barre as well as additional cardio outside through dance. Changes will be measured using our InBody scanner, an awesome way to learn more about your body composition including muscle mass, water weight, body fat percentage, and more. I can’t wait to share my changes over the next 8 weeks!

It’s tough but having a friend can help you when the going gets tough! My best friend Lara will be my partner in crime, pushing each other to achieve our health and fitness goals. While we have the exact same BMI and a similar weight, our muscle mass and body fat percentage are polar opposites! Yet another reason why BMI cannot be trusted as a reliable representation for overall health.

Wanna follow along? Check out my instagram here for more! I’ll be doing check-ins to let you know how I’m doing and feeling with this change. As always, feel free to comment or DM me if you wanna chat <3



421 Reset