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Meal Prep

Happy Sunday readers!

I'm so excited about today's blog because it's about a service I've always wanted to try. I've heard so many glowing comments from friends who LOVED Fresh Le Prep! Fresh Le Prep is a company that caters meals to athletes and non-athletes alike in Northern Virginia, allowing those who may not have the time or knowledge to cook a healthy meal to still reap in the benefits. Personally, time is definitely a factor but I also go for the easy way out which usually means fast food or unhealthy but quickly prepared meals. And it's so easy! Fresh Le Prep takes orders by Thursday and your food can either be picked up or delivered for the coming week :)

One thing that I LOVED about my experience is the customization. They have so many options! Simply choose a protein, vegetable, and a carb per meal and you're set with a week's worth of meals you actually want to eat. I wanted to try something different everyday so I had:

Meal Prep

Proteins: meatloaf, shrimp, sausage, chicken, steak

Vegetables: green beans, asparagus, peppers

Carbs: rice (brown or white), pasta, mashed potatoes

I don't always incorporate vegetables in my meals so it was nice to be able to do that. lists the macronutrients in each protein, vegetable, carb, and even sauce which allows customers to customize based on their specific health needs. After a week of focusing on myself and catering to what my body needs, I must say I'm obsessed with this simple system.

Favorite meal: This is a tough one. I don't think I can narrow it down to one but I definitely have a top 3. 1) Sausage with rice and peppers- so good and think it was the most "exotic" of the meals I tried. 2) Shrimp with rice and peppers- I love shrimp and thought it was seasoned very well and the peppers were an awesome compliment. 3) Meatloaf w/ green beans and mashed potatoes- not a huge fan of the mashed potatoes (since childhood HAHA) but the meatloaf definitely made up for it! It was well seasoned and pretty much melted in my mouth!

If you have the chance to try Fresh Le Prep I definitely recommend it! I brought a meal with me to work for lunch everyday and had one at home for dinner and it completely eliminated my usual fast food stop. This week I've definitely felt better about myself just from knowing I fueled myself with healthy and fresh ingredients. 

If you want to try: take 10% off your order every Monday on w/ code DECEMBER10. Happy eating :)



Meal Prep