Jaclyn & Kennedy's 30 Day Vegan Detox



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Jaclyn and I are PUMPED to announce #JacandKens30DayVeganDetox. This is something we’ve been talking about for awhile so we are really excited to put it into play! You can follow our journey here and on our social media pages (Instagram: @jackattackkk and @kennedytaylors). The challenge will start Monday, March 19th and will go until Tuesday, April 17th.

Jaclyn's Why:

Hi! Jaclyn here. I have transitioned
into a mostly diet Pescatarian for the past six months, so I am excited about eating vegan! For me, it isn’t about losing weight, it’s about living a healthier lifestyle and looking and feeling my best. Not to mention-reducing my carbon footprint, but we’ll leave
that for another day.

I’ve been watching several documentaries
and finding research studies about the “American diet” and how food impacts our bodies...and our environment. A lot of what I learned about nutrition growing up is now proving to be simply untrue. It seems like every week someone else I know is being affected
by disease, cancer, diabetes, mental health, obesity and other illnesses. I truly believe that if I put the right things in my body, I can lessen my chances of sickness and influence others around me to do the same.

Simply eating a plant-based diet
isn’t the full deal. The aim is to detox my body from the artificial sweeteners, food coloring, corn syrups, preservatives, and other harmful chemicals. What do I hope to see over the 30 day detox? - healthier skin, a leaner body, increased energy, quicker
recovery from muscle-fatigue and a more positive mood! What next after the 30 days? We’ll see!
— Jaclyn Smith


Kennedy’s Why:

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last year learning about the food I previously believed to be healthy and even “real.” Due to a lack of regulation and interest in our health needs, the food we consume is damaging and making us prone to disease.

Just like the majority of American families, I grew up on processed and genetically modified foods, pesticide-contaminated fruits and veggies, and the desire for fast food from the fun commercials I’d see with silly characters hoping to target children. I’ve tried cutting out little things here and there but ultimately it’s been a tough battle that I’ve yet to overcome.

Ideally I would like to go more than 30 days. With Jaclyn by my side and now you all, I think this is my best shot. I will be beginning a plant-based diet to help balance my gut bacteria and generally improve all aspects of my life (mental, emotional, physical).
— Kennedy Taylor

For us, this is all in an effort to adapt a more natural lifestyle. I’m personally complimenting my new diet with doTERRA’s Cleanse and Restore kit, which is a 30 day series of supplements designed to minimize our toxic load. I’ve been having skin issues lately and decided to heal myself from the inside out. For more info:

Of course, all of this is in combination with maintaining our active lifestyles. It’s not going to be easy but with our support, you can do it too if you want! Grab your friends and change your life with us. If you join, comment below and tag us with #JacandKens30DayVeganDetox.


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